Sunday, May 16, 2010

Makeup Maniac

Hell yeah, it refers to me. It is most probably because I am ugly, so, I need makeup to make me look great. No kidding. As an ordinary girl, I love to look beautiful. It is not because I want to attract attention, but it is just for my satisfaction. Makeup can transform someone face to a whole different face. No doubt. Just look at celebrities without makeup. No offences, but they look awful without it. Yet some, still look pretty enough without makeup - examples: Jessica Simpsons. Heidi Klum and Miley Cyrus.

Get the vivid? :)

I am still learning how to use makeup as probably as I can. Yet, I am off the budget to go to take any makeup classes or tutorials. Apart from that, I am too shy. (^.^) Yes, I have low naraccism. I need something to upgrade it - makeup, for sure. I only take note from pictures and of course, from Hell, there are lots of makeup tutorials!!! I mostly view artists' makeup tutorial, such as Leona Lewis, Avril Lavigne and so on. Just now, I've learned how to apply very daring red lipstick. Oh My God, I am falling in love with RED! Can't deny about that. The tutor? She is great. Even her hair is quite weird, she looks pretty in her way. You go girl! Lots of love for you! Seek for THE PERFECT RED LIPS TUTORIAL by xsparkage. :) You will never regret. Ouh Ange, I am so gonna beat your sexy lips! :P

Great, is it?

I always try to apply smokey eyes. Yet, I still can't figure how to apply it. DUH. So, I try to seek for Avril Lavigne's eye makeup tutorial. And guess what? It is sooooo easy like A B C. Hahaha. I am so going to try it after this. Yeah, after this. :P I am busy for this week as I have my mid-year exam. Break a leg! XD To Avril Lavigne, I adore your eyes makeup and I am so gonna have eyes just like you. But...of course, I don't have any blue-coloured eyes. Or is it green? -.- I have no ideas. =P

Very black kohl eyes. :)

This feeling is taking its tool on me! Awww... I am going WOOT WOOT! XD

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It is not an option

Growing up isn't my thing.

I dislike being adult, it is ANNOYING.


Live in the world for

more than 19 years?


I am grateful to HIM.


Friday, March 19, 2010

My Life As A Juggernaut

Love is being stupid.
Stupid is us.
Abdul Wahab + Nursyazwanie
(a month already)
Heee... :)

(p/s: I know that we aren't gonna be together forever but still, I am glad to have you. )

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Way Back To Love

I shut my heart when it comes to LOVE after he dumped me in the loneliness that no one can live on. I try not to cry in front of everyone but my heart is like an ice-cream. It melts when the flame is burning its heat. I lock myself inside the world I create all by myself, just to make myself secure and safe. No love, Ill be safe. I won't be hurt. I won't cry. I won't feel betray. I won't feel anything but myself. Yet, this few days I feel something that squeezes me like I'm a sardine tin. I digged the problem, try to understand it. And yes, here I with my solution. I miss all the excitement when I was falling in love. I miss all the love in the air that take my breathe away. Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. Jeez, I guess the prediction is right about me. I'm the Godness of Love. I just cannot live without love. Yeah, I have lots to love - God, my lovable parents, my insane...still my siblings, friends, teachers and more. Yet, I'm still a human being who have the unsatisfied need. I'm young, I know, I realize. Love is a temporary madness. Some said that love is for stupid. But life without love??? It is terribly silly knocking your head upon the door of the hell. Love is like a booger, you keep on picking it and after that, you are wondering what else to do with it. My friends keep on asking me,"What will happens if you are married as you have instance now... you don't have any long relation with any boys." Maybe they do not know. I do really want to have a long relation. I do really want to. But when I keep on wishing on the star, I will always get the dung. Boys do not understand me as I, myself, also do not understand myself. Love is indeed deadful yet beautiful. Love is a simple word. But maintaining a love affair is not easy. Its an examination where you face different types of hurdles. You must possess that strength in mind which would lead you to a successful relationship. There are so many ups and downs come in love but you have to overcome them. Any wrong step can be the reason of lifelong pain. When you are in love, you meet some happy moments too. Happiness, sorrow, anger, everything helps to complete a relationship. Many renowned authors have written lots of popular love quotes. Once you will read them, you would realize how much passion and feeling are included there. Go through some of the wonderful love quotations and enrich your life with color, health and satisfaction. My ex-es have their own love chapter with their own new girls. I wish the best for them, of course, I'm quite sad. But... our love story end. So, let's fullstop on the sorrow section. Now, I like someone, somebody, a human of course but he acts like an alien. I know he likes me, but I do not know how to reply it. Should I? Shouldn't I? I keep on tangle on my stupid silly Magic 8-Ball.

1.Should I tell him the truth???
Yes, definitely.

2. Should I couple with him???
Concentrate and ask again. :S

Again, I ask again with more concentration.

Should I couple with him???

3. Will I be happy with him???
(Then why should I couple with him?????)

4. Will I have long term relation with him???

The last question...

5. Do I look stupid?
Ghee... thanks! :D

They are just for fun. Not more than that.