Saturday, September 12, 2009

Form 6 Life

Okay! It is quite a long time I don't post any blogs , right? Here I begin once again. I'm VERY busy with my form 6 life. DUH... when I said that I'm sitting for form 6, everyone will have the same reactions.. Wow! hehehe... well, not everyone dares to take form 6 because you will be bonded with the school rules(have to wear school uniform, pony tail, white shoes, text books etc). It is true that I take only 4 subjects.. but what the hell! The homeworks and projects are GIGANTIC! huhuhu... they are higher than mountains, deeper than oceans and wider than universes! Whatever la... this is what I wish and I want. So I have to work hard to grant all my wishes! Haiyak... I don't want to be a useless person... I have to catch up with my friends... When it is a project group... there are 6 members... and guess what? I do all the works and I don't even say anything about it. And when my teacher said that there is only a person works hard on the project... all my friends knew that it is me. I cried! UWEK! UWEK! UWEK! Sometimes I feel like I want to give up all my efforts to my group. It is better for me to work on my project all by me, myself and I. And my group's member asked for my forgiveness. And I'm person who can forgive easily but can't forget about it for the rest of my life... I give them the third chances!