Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ouh..ouh...ouh... hands up!!!

(okay... for real I look like pig here! My lil sis asked me to pose like this! Uwek.. I guess this is my WORST picture ever!!!)

Sorry guys... Long time no update my blog. Hehehehehe... Well, I'm very busy with my real life here! VERY BUSY!!!! I had to write Pengajian Am's notes for twice! I had to rewrite my Sejarah's notes! Ouh... my friends asked me this morning... "Kenapa dengan kau??? Macam sangat penat jak..." And then I asked them again... "Yakah?? Ketara sangatkah aku penat???" They nudged. Okay... for real, I'm so damn tired yaw!

By the way, I have imsomnia... I guess! Because these few days, I can't sleep well! Even though I force myself to close my eyes, my mind still think about everything! From my homeworks, my weight problems, studies, love, life, money, friends... Uhhu... I missed my old life... enjoy and joy! My life now? I'm quite devastated, tired, dissapointed, exhausted... huhu... everything ED ED ED! hahahaha... Well, this is what I wish and I have to give a fight on getting my goals! I wanna enter University!!!!

Actually, I wanna 4 flats on my STPM... Hopefully!!!! Yeah... it is only 4 subjects - Pengajian Am, Sejarah, Ekonomi and BM. Okay... Pengajian Am... I have to read latest news and issues... If not, I am doomed!!!! If you fail Pengajian Am on STPM, you can't even step into U! Hah... scary huh?! It has two papers... paper 1 and paper 2. It takes 5 hours for both papers! Hopefully I will not fall into sleep! Hahahaha... Sejarah? Okay.. I love Sejarah as my teacher is soooo sweet! Ehhe... okay... I guess I can score on Sejarah... yet, I have to read two books of 2 inches each! Ekonomi... gosh! That is the worst subject ever!!!! huh... guess what??? Each time there is Ekonomi lessons, I am sleepy... Hahahaha... and I will yawn... and yawn.... and yawn... and yawn until I feel tired! Hahahahahaha... Last but not least, BM... so far, BM I have not understand at all... Hey, STPM BM is not like UPSR or PMR or SPM okay!!!! It is harder than ever! It is the history of Bahasa Melayu okay! Hah.. 4 flats??? I have to put tonnes of efforts!!!!!

Okay.. love?? I put aside for a while... I wanna think about my STUDY first... :-D

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