Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No one knows better than a sister how we grew up, and who our friends, teachers and favorite toys were. No one knows better than she...

Here I begin once again. I won't write about neither love, friendship, studies nor life. Today, I want to write about my little sister. She doesn't small though. I'm 2 years older than her. She makes my life more meaningful and no one ever make me feel like this. I can say that she is my life. A day without her is like a day without a sleep. Hahaha XD Can you imagine your life without sleeping??? You will be moody, unenergetic, tired and anxious. We are bonded... You can say that we are siamese. Hahaha... We can jokes and plays everywhere, including toilets! And we will laugh even though for a very small tiny thing. We live our life basicly from insanity, not vanity. And I proud to have her. Hope she will have the same feeling too. I LOVE YOU... and it NEVER EVER change.

Your cute sister,

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