Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Love Him

Who is that boy? Hurm... he was my friend.... he is a nice guy, sweet boy and humourous person. I love to be around him. Because of his personality, I fall in love with him. He made me believe that I can fall in love again after being hurt by someone. He helped me to forget my ex-boyfriend. I want him to know that I really, really appreciate it.

When I cried, he was there to comfort me. When I wanted to share my happiness, he celebrated it with me. When I was bored, he make me laugh with his humour. He is talkative. I like when he talked about anything and everything. Sometimes, he will sang a song when both of us kept silent.

I fall in love with my lost and found friend. And now? I lost him again after we met in Times Square. I know that I'm not pretty or cute such as my pictures... I've been telling him about all of this so many times before we met. Well, he made me down....sad.... When he met me, he never call or message me anymore. I know I shouldn't love him more than friends.... I know all of that since the first time we started to be friends.

Yet, this is the reality that I need to face alone. I can't cry all along my life because of him. I know I will be better in time even though it will takes a lot of times and tears. I love him... I love him... I love him... GOD, please help me! Help me to get rid of my love towards him. I never deserve him. He is so sweet and I'm so sour. He is so cute and I'm so ugly. He is so kind and I'm so bad. He is tall and I'm short? hahaha...

I'm hoping the best for him. Hope he will be happy with his life. Hope he will find suitable girl with his standard. Hope he will success in his life... Hope he will be strong in his life as he likes to curse his problems. He needs to stand up and shut up... face and solve the problems. I know he can because he is clever.. I know..I know..I know..

GOD, I'm hoping you will hear my pray. I'm hoping to get rid of him from my heart, soul and mind. Please.... I know you hear me as you healed my heart before this. Please close my heart closely and don't let me to love anymore. Please stop making my heart bleeding again as it has many scars from the past. GOD, when you open my heart to love somebody else than my family, friends and pets, let him be my groom. Let him be my huge part of my life. Let him be my man. Let him be my husband. :-) (weyh, don't tease me okay!")

To him....I love you. Take care. Goodbye. :-(

Will I found another person????
Give me your answer and reasons.
Hope your fed back!


  1. absolutely positively!!
    you don't mind if i comment right? even though i don't know you??