Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Friends

Hyep! My first blog in blogspot. Hehehehe... I really, really, really want to make a blog for my friends. I have so many friends in my life, yet, the most I affected me is Geng Baek. What is Geng Baek? It is a groupie for my closed friends only. The members of Geng Baek are Shahril, Hanif, Sulaiman, Zharif F, Zharif A (they are not twins.. their names are the same... hehehe..), Raidah, me, Alynn, Dora, Lina, Nat, Rozi and Feez. Well, most of us are Science students except Shahril and Feez as they are Account students. Yet, they are very good in their studies!

We have different attitudes.. some with passions, some with humours, some with angers, some with hypersensitive... bla..bla.. bla... Yet, when we are together, we can be HYPERactive as we will laugh non-stop for something that you might thing crazy or stupid. I really, really, really enjoy when they are around me as they can make me happy when I'm sad and make me happier when I'm happy.. hehehe... I do really, really, really love them even though I often tell them about that.. maybe I'm afraid of being too romantic... hehehe.. :-P

Of course in friendship, there must be arguement or misunderstood. So did we. You know what? We are very diplomatic! Hehehehehe.. we like to discuss the problems whenever we were having some difficulties! We are not the street fighters! We don't fight using our bare hands... That is the one of the good things that we have.

I hope that all of us will get the greatest of all. I do really want to see my friends success in their life. I will remember they in my heart, mind and soul. They are too special for me. Even though after this I have new friends, I still consider them as my BESTIES! Why? Because they are friends indeed. Love them so so so so so much!!!! Muuuaaahhh!!!!!! :-) And I want to say that I'm sorry to them as I may hurt their feelings with my humours and my attitude. I never mean to do that. I just want your immortally friendship.
p/s: Well... to my others friends that I don't mention, don't get sad or mad as I always remember you too. This blog is truely and specially dedicated to my Geng Baek. :-) Love you all la~~~~ hehehe..


  1. aku lagi rindu gila sama kawan2 kita nie

    dorang the best kann..

    sangat the best :)

  2. cheh..
    rindu konon..
    klu ko rindu, ko buat blog utk dorank..