Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Day With Isadora

Yeah....these was our second time hangout together in KL. Of course we were often hangout together in Sandakan! Well, yesterday... 05th February 2009... we hangout in her house and Summit. As usual, we LOVE taking pictures. Hahahaha... I don't know why... Maybe we are addicted to it. :-D Well, most of the time we were talking about everything from A-Z! When I come back to Sandakan, I will miss her a lot because she is sooooooooo damn lunatic and joyful! I hope I can see her again after I fly back to Sandakan... :-( Truely, I already miss her. I knew her about 3 years. But for the early couple years, we are not that close. We became closed friend last year.

At first, she wanted to see her ex-bf, Danny. Oh yeah... they are just friend right now. But... Danny felt sick. So, they cancelled their meeting. Dora's mum sent us at the bridge near to the Summit so that we can walked across it. Well, we don't do many things. We just eat at Johnny's... Thail cuisine....I think... We don't ordered for steamboat... we pronounced steamboat as stimbut.. hehehe... well, Sabahan language still strong in our talk. I ate a soup... I forgot its name... hehehehe... Dora ate rice... I alsor forgot her food... Hehehe......We drank VANILLA MILKSHAKES!!!! So delicious!!! Oh My God... VANILLA MILKSHAKES 10!!!! Hehehehehe... what-so-ever!!!! And then, we ate our dessert... YAM SPECIAL. Oh... so delicious too!!! Next time, we will try another dessert! :-)

After that, we went to a shop...I bought 3 pairs of earings for only rm10! Dora bought a necklace for rm15. Well... after than, we enjoyed our movie...Inkheart. Dora cried when there was a sad scene. I tried not to cry because I don't want to cry infront of her! :-P Well... after that, her mum fetched us opposite of the Summit. Oh yeah... a hijab( tudung) girl was so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee when she was romance with her bf in public! elow... you are only make bad thought for ISLAM!

Well, than we went to Sunway to search for Worldwide Nation... then, we went back home. Oh yeah... before that, her mum asked me..."Wan, kau namo masuk audition AF?" Then... you know what I answered???? I answered... "Nah aunty, kalau aku masuk ndak ter'chance' tu si Dora!" And then, Dora and her mum laughed loudly. Well... I'm just telling the truth... Hahahaha.... :-D

Dora said that I'm beautiful.. Oh, thanks Dora! Hehehe... I know...I know!!!! Hahahaha... well, then she said that she regret to say that I'm beautiful.. Hahahaha... WHAT-SO-EVER la... Chacha still missing me...I think... she looked so happy when she saw me yesterday. Well, I was happy to see her again too.

Before I went home back, her mum asked me if I want to stay a night in their house. Of course I want but who was gonna companied my sis? Urm..maybe next time aunty.... insya ALLAH. Well, I'm looking forward to see Dora again... and my other friends, Mia and her cousin too.. Well, I'm hoping that 4 of us can hangout together... :-D

I wanted to bring Dora to Kepong this weekend as my sister and I will go to have a picnic. But, I forgot... she has audition of AF. Well, I'm wishing all the best for her! When she get popular, don't forget me...your beau friend! Hehehehe... Oh yeah... I want that contact lens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe...

Well, I missed someone all the day... :-( I can't sleep thinking of him. I hope I can forget him! GOD, let me forget him!!! Plz!!!!!!!!!! :-S

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