Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Know Myself Better!!!!!

I know myself better!!! Better than anyone else in this world! I'm pissed off because of this! Why do you need to ask someone else??? I know she is my best friend but she is not me!!! Urghh.... why?!!! You can ask me... I'm here waiting for you to ask me!!!

I don't like someone talks about me at my back!!! Maybe you don't talk bad things about me... what-so-fucking-ever.... I don't like!!!! I never ask someone else about you because I want to know you by communicating with you! Urghh....I really, really, really don't want to argue with you! When I know this is happening to me, I'm really, really, really mad!!! Why??? Why are you doing this to me?!!!!

Maybe you never trust me...You don't want to ask me because you afraid that I'm lying to you... Like I said.....always.... if you love me, trust me... urm.....what-so-ever....


  1. the fact is he never ask me about you, coz he said he know u :) im the one who talk much about you, well ..i know you..nnt jumpa aku gtau ko! :)..dont worry..dia x patut d persalahkan..he's a nice guy..